Getting started with My Good Week

Welcome to the Getting Started User Guide! Here we will figure out how you can use My Good Week to track your activities and build new habits.

Why you need My Good Week

For most people, the calendar is the primary tool for time management. Remembering birthdays, planning parties, scheduling work meetings - all of it is in your calendar app already. If you go a little further, your calendar also has time blocks for chores, study, exercise, or even for resting.

We love our calendars as well, and we think that calendars can be used for so much more than just event planning. It is also great for managing your personal and working time. To fully use the data in your Google Calendar, we made My Good Week. It fully integrates with Google Calendar to give you a fresh look at all of your activities.

Google and My Good Week integration

To use My Good Week, you need to do just two simple steps:

  1. Connect your Google Calendar.
  2. Create activities that will use events from your Google Calendar automatically.

As soon as you create your first activity, you will be able to:

  • See past and upcoming events for each activity.
  • See statistics for past weeks, months, quarters, and years.
  • Track your weekly goals for each activity.
  • Get an email with your week’s summary at the end of each week.
  • Do weekly reviews.

Set up My Good Week account

The registration process is very simple! All you need to do is to go to and click the “Sign in” button. Then you will be redirected to the Google login page, where you can choose the account that you want to use in My Good Week.

⭐️ Be sure to choose an account that you mainly use for your personal calendar.

My Good Week - login screen

Next, you will be redirected to the page where you connect your Google Calendar to My Good Week.

My Good Week - give permissions

Click the “Connect Google Calendar” button, and you will be redirected to the Google permissions page, where you will be asked to provide permissions to your Google Calendar. Be sure to select all permissions in the list.

My Good Week - registered

That is it! My Good Week account is ready to use. Now, let’s create your first activity.

What is activity, and how it works

Activity is something you do regularly, for example, exercise, study, cleaning, meditation, work, or anything else. For each of these, you can create an activity in My Good Week. An activity in My Good Week has a name, icon, event filter, and weekly goal.

Name and icon

The name and icon are there to give your activity a little more personality. Feel free to use any name and icon that you feel represents your activity the best.

Event filter

As you already know, My Good Week is working together with Google Calendar. The event filter is meant to tell My Good Week which events in your calendar belong to your activity.

You can filter Google Calendar events by:

  • calendar - each event belongs to one of the calendars, which you can see in the left panel of Google Calendar.
  • event name - you can choose a word or phrase that needs to be in the event’s name
  • event description - you can choose a word or phrase that needs to be in the event’s description
  • event location - you can choose a word or phrase that needs to be in the event’s location

Weekly goal

My Good Week has very powerful goal-tracking abilities. If you genuinely want to stick to the activity and become better at it, we recommend setting a weekly goal.

There are two types of goals in My Good Week:

  • Times per week - independent of duration, the number of times you want to do your activity.
  • Hours per week - total number of hours among all your activity events during a week.

If you don’t have a specific weekly goal but just want to track your activity, it is also fine not to set any goals.

Activity syncing

Once the activity is created, it is continuously synced in the background with your Google Calendar. New Google Calendar events that match the event filter are instantly added to the activity. Any time you open My Good Week application, you will see the most recent state of your activities.

Creating the first activity

For a smooth experience, we recommend you to create events in the Google Calendar first and then proceed with creating activities in My Good Week. If you already have your activity events in Google Calendar - you are good to go!

In my case, I want to create an activity Yoga as I am recently doing a lot of yoga and want to track my progress. Here is my Google Calendar.

My Good Week - Google Calendar

Now that you made sure you have events in the Google Calendar, click “Add activity” on the welcome screen or in the main application screen.

Choose calendar

My Good Week - create activity - choose calendar

Find events in the calendar

Next, you need to choose one of the calendars of your Google Calendar account. Choose the one where you have events of the activity you are currently creating. In my case, it is “Health” calendar. Click “Next”.

My Good Week - create activity - find events

My Good Week will check your calendar for events with similar names and will propose you some words to filter your events by. Below each word, there is a list of events that match the proposed event filter. Choose the one that matches your activity events.

In my case, “yoga” comes up right away, but it might not be the case for you. If you cannot find a word by which you want to filter your events, read the article “Using custom filter to find events in calendar” in our help center.

Give your activity some personality

Now, let’s choose the name and icon for our new activity. Feel free to use any name and icon that you feel represents your activity the best.

My Good Week - create activity - choose icon

Set the goal

Now that you are ready to create your new activity, think if you want to set a weekly goal for it. I want to do yoga eight times per week, so I set a goal accordingly.

My Good Week - create activity - activity goal

If you don’t have a specific weekly goal but just want to track your activity, it is also OK!

You are all set now! Click “Create”, and you will be redirected to My Good Week dashboard.

Tracking your activity

Using dashboard

After creating your first activity, you will be redirected to the dashboard that shows the summary of each of your activities.

My Good Week - Dashboard

Each activity is represented by a widget that shows:

  • Activity icon and name.
  • Progress towards the weekly goal.
  • Calendar for three weeks: last, current, and next ones.
  • Statistics for the current week, month, quarter, and year.

If you click on one of your activities, you can move to the activity page.

Activity statistics

On the activity page, you can see various statistics - yearly view, retrospective data, etc. Go ahead and explore it.

My Good Week - Activity statistics

Goal tracking

The “Goals” tab will be useful for activities with a weekly goal set. Look back at the last week or week before and make sure you are achieving your goal consistently.

My Good Week - Goal statistics

Next steps

I think you got the idea. Now it is time to create more activities, set some goals, and finally be in charge of your own time!

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